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14 day free trial and non-expiring credits for infinite creativity


For Indie Artists
$ 29 /month
  • Up to 50 videos
  • 3 simultaneous renders at a time
  • Any aspect ratio
  • Upscale 1080p
  • Up to 10 Avatars


For record labels & agencies
$ 249 /month
  • Up to 300 videos
  • 5 simultaneous renders at a time
  • Any aspect ratio
  • Upscale 1080p
  • Unlimited Avatar creation
  • 1:1 AI consultation

White Label

One time setup fee
$ 2,499 setup fee
  • Custom domain name & logo
  • User management
  • Analytics

Muze Art APIs

Contact us for pricing based on your campaign goals

Frequently Asked Questions

Every generation has a credit cost associated with it because the process of creating these videos involves significant computing power, which can be quite costly.
Each video frame at default settings costs 1 credit.
Default settings are square aspect ratio at SD quality.

Yes! You can upload your clips and even apply stunning generative styling effects to make them look drastically different and uniquely yours.

Definitely. Just upload 10-20 photos of yourself to train the model and you’ll be able to “insert” your avatar in your videos.

Our audio analysis pipeline can detect BPM, lyrics, percussion and harmonic elements, which are used to drive different parts of the video.

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