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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for AI Art Styles

Welcome to the ultimate guide for music video content creators.

This cheat sheet will provide you with 10 highly detailed prompts focused on art styles that can transform your AI music videos into authentically unique visual experiences. 

Whether you’re aiming for a classic look, a futuristic vibe, or anything in between, these prompts will help you achieve your creative vision.

Pixel Art

Pixel Art, blocky and vibrant, retro gaming aesthetics, in the style of classic 8-bit art, 8K

Neo Graffiti

Neo Graffiti art in the style of Banksy, bold graffiti, bold colors, urban, 8K


Manga comic by Steve Ditko, 8k, cell shaded, volumetric light

Pop Art

Pop Art in the style of Andy Warhol, vibrant colors, commercial aesthetics, high contrast, 8K

Neo Street

Neo-Expressionism painting in the style of Jean-Michel Basquiat, postmodern, intense subjectivity, vivid colors, raw brushstrokes, 8K

Glitch Art

Glitch Art in the style of Nam June Paik, Distorted visuals, vibrant color schemes, fragmented imagery, 8K

Vaporwave Pastel

Vaporwave Pastel, Retro-futuristic, glitch art, 80s aesthetics, in the style of aestheticism, 8K


Synthwave, vibrant colors, neon lights, grid patterns, nostalgic, in the style of Retrowave, 8K

Fantasy Illustration

Fantasy illustration in the style of Arthur Rackham, Imaginative, vibrant colors, detailed, and magical elements, in the style of Arthur Rackham, 8K

Botanical Illustration

Botanical illustration in the style of Maria Sibylla Merian and Ernst Haeckel, Intricate details, vibrant colors, naturalistic, 8K

Pro Tip 💡 

You can use any of these art style prompts to create your own custom style in the Muze Art platform.

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